whAt is Deafmute?

Deafmute // [def-myoot] noun // 1. A collaboration of circumstance; four autonomous individuals locked in a cellar, stumbling through the darkness, communicating with chords, tempo, meter, and melody. 2. A concept of sound that isn't heard, but felt. 3. A form of communication that relies on feel, intuition, heart, and mind, while alienating all other senses. 4. Music that speaks volumes, despite the decibel; a sensation that is without definition. 5. Individuals communicating through various musical arrangements. 6. A group of compositions that rely on closed eyes, basement doors; a vacuum of over-lapping influences.


Based out of New Haven, CT, Deafmute is currently working on a collection of songs, soon to be released on all digital mediums and hopefully, if there is enough demand, package a full length EP.  For now, keep your eyes and ears peeled for the upcoming release of their most recent singles, "Sleep No More" and "Night After".



Vocals, Guitar / Craig William
Drums / Nick Zacarelli
Bass, Vocals / Rob Scucci
Guitar / Jimmy Ryan